Love of a Butterfly

While I was in the Midwest I had the opportunity to meet up with fashion photographer, Yanan Sun and her husband Gonz in Oconomowoc, WI where I have been staying for a few weeks. She was previously based in Miami and had photographed my China Teacup dress a while back. They recently moved to Chicago and drove down to Oconomowoc, WI to visit.  

We had lunch then walked around and found an open air market and went antique shopping. Oconomowoc is such a lovely town in the summertime with fields of wildflowers, mysterious ivy covered walls, and beautiful lakefront mansions. I’ve been coming here every year and always discover something new. One of the highlights of our trip was shopping at Killer Antiques, a unique store filled with history. The owner supplies Medieval and Renaissance festivals across the country with costumes and props. We saw everything from real suits of amor to magical elf-like daggers. 

Of course I couldn’t meet up with a photographer without taking a few photos. In the preview below I am wearing my Xiaolin Flutterby dress with my Xiaolin Feathered Body-harness. Yanan named the series Love of a Butterfly. Follow her on Facebook at