Sault Ste. Marie

This summer I packed my suitcase and set off on an adventure! I only brought a few items with me. My passport, camera, and a few of my new designs. The goal was to go exploring and capture my fashion designs in new and intriguing settings. I hadn’t planned the specific locations ahead of time, but wanted the process to be organic. As I saw a location that suited a look I had in mind, I dropped everything, wiggled into something feathery, and set up my camera. 

The first shoot location was Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada- 1,500 miles North from my starting point in Tampa. The scenery and was absolutely gorgeous with tall trees looking up towards the sky and mossy fern-beds below. During my visit to ‘The Soo’, I had the pleasure of meeting up with two creatives from the Toronto area, Michele Taras (photographer) and Gabriella MacPherson (model). We drove to Crystal Falls, a stunning waterfall in Ontario as well as a few other locations nearby to take photos. Gabriella or “Bella” and I both modeled two of my new designs. Can’t wait to share the finished images, they are sure to be magical.