Halloween Wedding

Let me start my post by saying how much I love and appreciate when my bridal clients send me photos of their special day. There is nothing I love more than seeing women wearing my designs and how they style them for their wedding. Seeing the love the creativity that goes into each wedding is amazing.  This bride chose a custom made Xiaolin bridal feather cape featuring hand dyed ombre ostrich feathers fading out from ivory to black. Absolutely stunning.

Check out this hauntingly beautiful Halloween Wedding. The bride wore a black wedding dress and a custom Xiaolin ombre feather wedding cape. Her wedding took place on a ship and she had a fashion forward bouquet of dark purple and black florals. It was spooky and luxurious at the same time. Photos by Izida Lukmanova.

The Bride and Groom even had intricate masquerade masks to complete their look. Check out these incredible photos. 

If you wear Xiaolin designs for your wedding or special event, please forward photos to julia@xiaolindesign.com to be featured!