Full Bloom

Had the pleasure of shooting with Russian model, Ellie in this stunning trellis of Petrea vines yesterday. It was a blissful sunny day in Florida and the honey bees were buzzing around her quizzically. I’m excited to be to shooting outdoors again now that the weather is cooperating. Special thanks to Hazel for letting us use her beautiful garden as the backdrop of this fairytale.

The blossoms were so high we both had to stand on separate ladders to be able to capture photos with the flowers surrounding the model. It was a bit precarious, but the end result was stunning. Ellie is wearing a black lace Victorian gown, corset and a gold filigree crown. I made all the wardrobe pieces for this shoot with a Russian fairytale theme in mind. All images were taken with the Canon 5D Mark II and switching between using a tilt shift effect lens and my wide angle. 

After we wrapped up shooting at the garden we headed to my studio in New Tampa. Shot some nice clean head shots and catalogue style photos then finished up with this stylized headshot. The model is wearing a Jewel Beetle necklace from Don Me Now as a headpiece.