CFW 2015

Christian Fashion Week 2015

This weekend, Firebird debuted on the runway at CFW 2015 in Tampa. The show was held at The Vault, a historical, neo-classical building constructed in 1923. The elegant architecture and crisp white interior created a sophisticated setting for the runway. Clothing, hair & makeup, and models were upstairs and we took an elevator that dropped us off backstage behind the runway. I may have taken the elevator a few more times than necessary because it was so much fun.

Firebird on the runway! Special thanks to Michael McCoy (MP Studios Tampa) for the photos. I also had the opportunity to share my inspirations and experiences as a designer. I’m wearing my Koi dress with gold gilded feathers.

The show was fantastic and the dress was well received by audience members, the general press and the denizens of social media. The moment I stepped off the runway my phone began to buzz and chirp with notifications from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as audience members posted and tagged Xiaolin in real time. A notable list of media and bloggers, including a fashion critic from the New York Times with whom I was privileged to have a few moments of personal face time, attended the event. It’s exciting to see how Christian Fashion Week has grown and risen to new, higher standards every year. Thank you for being a part of it!

Firebird dress is available for sale on my Etsy shop - Firebird Red Feather Gown