About Me

Julia Marie Chew is a Chinese American fashion designer specializing in couture feather dresses inspired by nature and fairytales. 

Her imaginative designs are showcased on the runway, red carpet, and magazines across the globe. 

"The show (Oxford Fashion Week) featured couture pieces from Xiaolin Design’s Designer Julia Chew who’s thematic influence stems from Gothic romanticism and fantasy - a blur between the lines of the real and the fantastic. Her featured exotic masterpieces transform bodies into walking artefacts of the natural and dream worlds, where everything from butterfly wings to waterfalls and beetles make their mark." -Antonia Mackay, Oxford Fashion Week Blog

"Florida-based and China-born Julia draws inspiration from influences gothic romanticism and operates with relentless patience and creativity when achieving her goals. Her pieces reflect a careful eye for detail and a novel understanding of aesthetics – in particular, her perfectly composed dresses demonstrate her understanding of how to accentuate the female figure through utilising shape and textures. She aspires to tell stories in her pieces, drawing from nature’s beauty and earlier periods of history (where garments were hand-made rather than mass-produced as they are today)." -Yinsey Wang, Nee Hao Magazine (UK)